The area of interest

The Cinque Terre form one of the most unspoilt areas of the Mediterranean and one of the most extended areas in Liguria. They are a kingdom of nature and wild scents maintained as in the past. It is a landscape unique in the world where man and nature live together in harmony since the beginning of time.

To visit the Cinque Terre means to visit five villages suspended between sea and earth, clinging on to cliffs and surrounded by green hills; it means to know the history of whom, for centuries, has fought against difficult land but it also means to taste the results of this millenarian struggle and in particular wine and products.

To visit these villages means also to learn about the culture of the dry-stone walls and of the vineyard, of the fishermen and of their fishing nets, of the steep valleys and of their paths. Who visits the Cinque Terre can choose between a dive in the sea or a hike on the hills, between a walk in the narrow alleys called “carruggi” or a boat trip, a pilgrimage to a sanctuary or a seafood lunch.

Five villages one after the other, facing the sea where the asperity of the earth has hardened the life of the people. This area of Liguria (also called Riviera di Levante, where Portovenere and Levanto are the ideally “doors” of the Cinque Terre), which covers a rocky and steep coast of 15 kilometres from Levanto to La Spezia, is an atropical territory, which means that it is different from the neighbouring areas because of the modifications carried out by the people to the original nature of its surface. Five millenaries stories with a common destiny: an exhausting, difficult and hard life, and only today some kind of redemption due to its tourist destiny that brings the five names around the world.

The “Cinque Terre“, where “Terre” (lands) stands for maritime medieval villages, have become one of Italy’s main tourist attractions during the last years. The visitors from all over the world program trips, inserting at least one day to discover these five magic villages situated over the rocks near the sea.

Today the five villages maintain many ancient parts, and they exist in a situation of isolation which guarantees quietness and peace in a spectacular environment which keeps them unique. The local borrows work to keep harmony between the requirements of the local people and the savings of the natural and artistic beauties.

The “collaboration” between the Cinque Terre‘s sea and mountains is able to form a unique and suggestive landscape: the mountains, which reach up to 815 meters, descend suddenly towards the sea, from which they are 500 to 2,500 meters away. And that part of the sea, which lies in front of the Cinque Terre, from the sounding to the surface, gives hospitality to a wide variety of animals and plants. This is also the reason why it has been inserted in the “Santuario dei Cetacei” (“cetacean sanctuary”) as an international protected area.

It is interesting to point out that the Cinque Terre have been declared human world heritage by the UNESCO