Leaving from your hotel we reach Rapallo, a very old village situated in a beautiful position inside the Gulf of Tigullio.

The tour in the heritage centre of the village, crossed by narrow alleys called “carruggi” and rich antique buildings, is even more interesting following the footpath of the Cultural Park of Tigullio.

We can discover the several literary references, spread all over the village, which has always been visited by famous poets and artists.

After a walk on the Vittorio Veneto seafront, stretching from Marconi square to the Castle, which often holds art exhibitions, the tour proceeds towards Santa Margherita where we can visit, before and after lunch, the elegant village, the refined boutiques of dell’Arco Street, the seafront and the port.

From Santa Margherita we board for a trip that takes us to the discovery of the Nature Park of Portofino and, after, to the town of Portofino.

We arrive to the famous square paved with cobblestones right on cocktail and shopping hour, when it is not rare to bump into some VIP, the famous guests of this fascinating maritime village.